Crane Beach, Barbados

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Winderemere and Cragmere Villas are ideally located only a 7-minute drive to the airport and within short walking distance to two of the best beaches in Barbados; Crane Beach and Foul Bay. Crane Beach, secluded and full of natural beauty, is considered by many to be one of the island’s most beautiful beaches.

Accessible through the Crane Resort (for example if you buy a meal) or around the resort (about a 10 minute walk) and protected by a natural coral reef, Crane Beach boasts one of the best swimming experiences in Barbados.

Besides being very soft sand, Crane Beach is also very safe as it is on a gentle slope. There are also chairs and umbrellas available for rent here.
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The Crane Resort, also only a few minutes walk away, is world famous for cuisine with four restaurants and a bar. A four block walk takes you to Cutters – an English style Deli with sandwiches, pizza, as well as food and beverages. A 10-minute drive takes you to Emerald City – a large fully stocked American style supermarket.

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The “Horse”
In the 18th century it was considered improper for ladies to be seen bathing in public.  Sea bathing, however, had become so popular that by 1769 at least one discreet bathing place had been constructed near The Crane in Barbados, West Indies. It was referred to ass the “Horse” and was accessed by steps cut into the sea cliff.  The stairs to the “Horse” can still be seen from the far side of the south of The Crane, much as they were in 1769.

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1790, Marine Villa
From the mid-18th century, the island’s plantation owners and prosperous merchants frequented Southeastern Barbados. These elite guests were attracted by the cool breezes, stimulating climate and beneficial sea bathing, recognized for its recuperative qualities. Two centuries ago, the formation of Crane Beach’s protective coral reef permitted small trading ships to sail in and out of the natural harbour safely, and a small commercial port was developed. On the cliff where the crane restaurant now stands, was a crane used for raising and lowering cargo. This crane provided the region’s name.

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